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Our Work Begins with Microbes

SCD Biotech Sdn Bhd delivers complete microbial solutions to market segments based on proprietary-tech from SCD Probiotics LLS (US)

Achieving the Ideal Microbiome

Whether it’s a plant, animal, or human, a balanced microbiome is essential for enhanced immunity, as well as energy and vitamin production

Natural & Organic

Each strain used in our products is naturally occurring, not genetically modified and non-pathogenic. All ingredients used for culturing the microorganisms are natural and organic. 


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Our tiny but powerful friends work together through natural processes to populate and consume composted materials, wastewater solids/sludge, grease traps, films, residue and more


Cultivating good bacteria produces a microbial ecology where beneficial microbes dominate harmful bacteria, creating a healthier, vibrant environment for optimum plant/crop growth 


SCD solutions improves the underlying host's microbial ecology to one that is balanced and healthy.  With consistent use, it assists in controlling the re-emergence of disease-causing or harmful bacteria

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